You can find my book on most e-book platforms, in a variety of formats. If you would like an autographed copy in paperback, please check out my shop page.

Inspiration for my book...

When a person sits down to write, they begin from either their experiences in life, or they pull bits and pieces from a pool of fantasy within the mind. Sometimes, they will merge the two as a way to embellish their truth or to re-color and disguise a horrible memory.

My book contains truth, with splotches of color here and there, in order to keep certain details hidden.

“The lines between reality and fiction are very thin. When the story is told, it is up to the reader to decide and determine, what is truth.” – Shadowed Spook

This is my first endeavor at writing… some might view it more as an autobiography being told, some might wish for more mushy romance, while on the other side — more gory technical details.

Invite me into your space and read it as though a friend were telling you a story.

There are moments of joy, excitement, courage, strength, anger, and deep sorrow.

Thank you for your interest in my work!