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Change Arrives

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

I deal with change constantly so the day to day changes don’t seem to bother me… it is a way of life. I find many have difficulties during seasonal changes, especially moving into Fall and Winter. How we learn to deal or accept this, is indicative of the seasons of life. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are not just changes in nature, they are times of emotional or physical change in our life.

We have the grand season, which is childhood being Spring, Young adulthood and the early coupling/romance period… where families are created as our Summer season, then Fall is assigned to midlife and Winter is the older age. Those are usually slower timed changes. We can experience seasonal changes within a 24 hr period as well.

Back to the beginning—we will change. It is inevitable. Accepting there is a flow of constant change is the first step. It’s in the mind to gather what you need to successfully navigate seasonal change. You have the tools available… implement them. Getting more sleep in the Fall and Winter is taught. Makes sense with the night hours being lengthened. Adding a boost of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin D is important since the flesh has less exposure to sunlight. Adding color into your life is a pick-me-up, as well as music, scents, flowers or redecorating. It is opportunity to work on projects that were neglected. Again, it’s your mindset. Nurture yourself, talk positive out loud and look for opportunities to help others. Don’t be inside your head too much.

Although I roll with the seasons, this season is going to be special and a definite change for me. Something to celebrate during Thanksgiving. Dang, I might even be getting a teensy bit of emotion bubbling up. 🙂

Rather than embracing the suck, embrace change!!

The photo is of clouds kissed by the sunset on a Fall day.

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