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Rights! I find it astonishing that the Democrats/liberals have a keen ability to determine for us all, who gets what rights, and how they make no sense in their logic. The rules change to fit their narrative… which lately, seems to be destructive- not productive to the citizens of the United States.

There is a growing voice from Vegans that people who eat meat should die/be killed. Yes, it’s true. They want to dictate (very Hitler-like) that you should eat greens, no meat, fish, dairy, and that cows are endangering our planet. Of course there are no real studies to support this, and even the Green New Deal became a joke that didn’t get a single approval vote.

My views are from being a vegetarian for many years. I do enjoy foods that disqualify me from being vegan. I fully support eating meats, especially steak.

When I look at vegans, I often see an ‘empty’ look. Many are thin… but unhealthy. They are not feeding their minds and bodies with proper nutrition and vitamins. The whole ‘soy scene’ is messing up lives. Men look and even act feminine, therefore they are compelled to believe they must be gay or part of the ever-changing gender identity crisis. JUST STOP!

Before making life changes with consequences, try getting your body healthy because that will create a healthy mind.

Getting back to the focus of this post; rights!

Being called horrible names, animal murderers (yet they want to eliminate cows), calling for death to carnivores … we find that many of these people are advocating and supporting late term abortions. Late term meaning AFTER they are delivered! They want to save animals — not human beings, even after being born. It is not only hypocritical, it is asinine and simply evil. This is murder. Let’s call it for what it is. It is not about women’s rights, but about a convenient way to get out of the results of screwing around. People, if you don’t want a baby, it’s simple; do NOT have sex. If you do, then double and triple the protection.

The argument that late term or after birth abortion is necessary is that it will put undue mental or physical health onto the female. First of all, if you are in a situation where your physical health is at jeopardy due to a pregnancy, then abortion is the LAST thing you want. It can take at least 24 hrs to dilate the cervix in order to stick the suction tube and suck the baby out limb by limb and squish the head. It takes less than an hour to take it by C-section. So there is the truth on that. If you are too stressed to be a mom, then do everyone a favor and refrain from unprotected sex, use abstinence, or get fixed.

I may sound heartless, but compared to what they want to do to the unborn and born, I am far from it. We have removed ourselves from personal responsibility because excuses (and trophies) are easily handed out in its place. Many have let the upcoming generations down. The education system, the main stream media, the left-tech monopolies by censoring reasonable voices, and the politicians who subscribe to keeping people in poverty, unsafe, misguided, and gaslit. It is time for a change, a reckoning, and returning to at least common sense held together with a moral fiber.

RESIST the evil!

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