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Shots Fired

From my own observation, it seems that Conservatives are, for the most part, too kind. They are great at meme wars and speaking their mind, using facts and truths… but when it comes to actual physical action, they are not out in force trying to harm others. We definitely see violence generated from the Left, especially Antifa (which should be listed as a hate/terrorist group), but the only time the Conservative/Independent supporters make contact is in literally defending themselves from attack.

It seems we draw a line; the ‘red line’, Constitutional right, personal space line. So why are there not more ‘MAGA’ people out there taking action? Lines have been crossed and shots have been fired. We are under attack by way of being silenced, attempted rights lessened/removed, giant tech monopolies censoring and messing with algorithms, the Democrat Socialists not wanting to secure our Country, placing illegal aliens ahead of the citizens, and more. We can no longer wait for an actual all-out physical attack (they’d lose and know it)… because the attack is done underhandedly. Certain people in our Intelligence agencies, politicians, ex President, and justice systems have been failing the Country, especially against those in the center and on the right.

Am I suggesting we go with guns blazing to make a statement? No. I am suggesting that it is time to take action by several ways. Calling and writing/emailing your state politicians demanding x, y, and z. Forming peaceful protests to show that you are actively opposing certain legislative actions. Becoming involved in your community going door to door and getting people registered to vote or reminding them what a shit-hole city/state is under Democrat leadership. Educate yourself on issues so that you can speak facts to those who challenge you. Feel free to be passionate, but lead with facts, not feelings. Find others of like-mind to associate with because there is power and strength in numbers. Challenge one another on your beliefs so it becomes heart knowledge, not just talking points you’ve heard. Being an authentic person has value.

The bottom line: We are at a war of sorts. Be armed with truth and knowledge. Take legal action. Keep your eyes open.

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